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Denise Kilonsky, B.A., is Certified Body Code & Emotion Code Practitioner, Health Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, Advanced Psych-K and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner with 20+ years of experience. Her work encompasses a wide variety of energy based healing modalities which benefit a person on all levels. She is a retired US Air Force Veteran, teacher and workshop facilitator.

Sarah (Sally) Hamer, B.S., MLA, has been a certified Concept-Therapy instructor since 1987 and on the Concept-Therapy board since 2017. She has also taught both face-2-face and online classes for almost 20 years for several adult education venues, including LSU-Shreveport and Lawson Writing Academy, teaching business classes, motivational courses, and both fiction and non-fiction writing classes.

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